Overview of MyCap

MyCap is a mobile app that participants or patients can download to complete research/clinical data collection from any mobile device. MyCap makes it simple and inexpensive (no-cost) for researchers to use a mobile app to capture patient reported outcomes on both iOS and Android devices. MyCap is best suited for longitudinal studies with frequent requests (surveys or active tasks) for information from participants.

Core Features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

  • Supports REDCap surveys on classical REDCap projects

  • Captures active tasks (e.g., audio recording, tone audiometry, tapping speed)

  • Offers unlimited flexibility in scheduling including one-time and recurring tasks

  • Allows for data collection multiple times per day

  • Automates notifications when tasks/surveys are scheduled to be completed

  • Supports bi-directional, secure messaging between study teams and participants

  • Supports the sending of announcements to all participants

  • Allows for the creation of information screens (e.g., project overview, study contacts, get support)

  • Supports custom themes for the project, including customized images and colors

  • Captures links to websites and web-based resources

  • Supports multiple projects/studies for a single participant

  • Offers 6-digit passcode security, which can be disabled if desired

  • Supports offline data collection, which is automatically synced with study database when internet connectivity is reestablished


Enable MyCap on a REDCap Project

To enable MyCap in your REDCap project, navigate to Project Setup and click on Enable

You must have the appropriate permissions to enable MyCap. Permissions can be modified under ‘User Rights’ within your project.



Video Tutorials

Videos below courtesy of Vanderbilt University Medical Center &

Design MyCap Tasks & Schedules:


Configure the MyCap App Design:


Manage Participant Access & Communications:


Additional Resources


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Customizations Quick Guide 
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Customize Your Project Materials

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Management Materials

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Frequently Asked Questions